Devonport, time to brace as Roller Derby lands BIG

This weekend marks the final Tasmania round of the VIC/TAS roller derby tournament currently taking place. Tournament rounds have been running across both states for the last few months, this weekend sees Devonport, a coastal city located at the north of Tasmania host the largest roller derby event for the city yet! Skaters, fans, support staff and officials are coming from all around Tasmanian and from interstate during a severe weather warning!! Last night the city was covered in what my coastie friend describes as ‘apocalyptic rain’! With skaters driving and flying, I wish everyone a safe journey.

There will be two tournament bouts held this weekend. A travelling team from Ballarat called ‘The Rat Pack’ will play the two northern Tasmania teams, Devil State Derby League and Van Diemen Rollers. The South Island Sirens will also be taking on a team from Victoria which features an alliance of skaters from LCRD and RRRD in a once of match up. This bout is sure to be a demonstration of fierce roller derby.

A very exciting exhibition match will be taking place on Sunday, it features both male and female competitive skaters. Co-ed roller derby has been experiencing great success in Tasmania and this bout will see a re-match of the two teams ‘The Man Handlers’ and ‘The Eager Beavers’. This bout represents a celebration of gender diversity and derby for all, the bouts are a lot of fun with a remarkable level of sportsmanship and camaraderie on display.

I will personally be playing in this bout as I did in the first match up between the beavers and handlers. This is a photo of myself wearing the pink for the Eager Beavers, however this time I’ve done a swap and will be on the Handlers! Last bout the Handlers won by approximately 26 points, so can they continue their winning streak?

Photo credit: Joffre Street Productions

Forget about the AFL grand final, I can’t wait to get rolling!

Greese Monkey

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