Launceston Silos – A Documentation part 2

I polished off the initial photographs of the silos last night! Super stoked with these ones, I got to try out some new things that I hadn’t done before, I looked up how to achieve ‘blue hour’ photographs. This involves shooting within a window of time in the evening whilst lighting your subject, you then open the shutter for prolonged exposure times so the sensor can get the dark sky. Some of these shots the sky was nearly entirely black to the eye. I learned a lot from this and know some things I could try differently next time.  Some of these images seem under/over exposed, but I was aiming for a stylised effect, I wanted to make the silos look dominant and imposing. I did this on purpose, but there is definitely room for me to improve my setting accuracy. I found it difficult working within such a short amount of time, especially given most of the exposures were 30 seconds! I also found it difficult getting perspective on the silos correct. It was completely dark so couldn’t really see what I was doing, but now looking at the front shots I can see the composition is skewed when I wasn’t intending it to be.


IMG_4000 IMG_4001 IMG_4033 IMG_4042



Greese Monkey


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