Peppers Launch and Silos Presentation

Tuesday night at the Launceston Seaport a select group of business owners, politicians, representatives, developers and foodies gathered at the the Seaport in Launceston for Pepper’s new function center launch.

Lara Giddings, the state premier made an appearance to cut the ribbon and celebrate the new opening. In her presentation she shared her confidence in the north of the state and it’s ability to develop exciting new attractions and produce fine produce. Errol Stewart then made a presentation of his plans for the silos development across the river using a 3D fly through and the images I was commissioned to take. It was quite nice seeing my work up on display and being used to inspire the people gathered.

2013-10-09 17.48.01

Errol Stewart – yes that’s Lara’s bob cut in the foreground.


In addition to the speeches taking place there were local food produces attending and providing the gathering with tasting of their beautiful products. 41 South, Ashgrove and CocaBean Chocolate just to name a few. My favorite was the spice that Ben from 41 south showed me, he claimed it could be used on ANYthing from meat to ICECREAM! I believe him too, this mixed spice contained an ingredient to trigger every receptor on the tongue!


Greese Monkey


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