What’s Up? Derby, Derby, Derby

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted here so I thought a good catch up was in order!

I’ve had a week of downtime from my skating, getting rested up for a BIG month of derby. There is a LOT of stuff going on, which I will talk about shortly. In the spare time I’ve had from not skating I’ve been working on a new miniature project. I finally got around to picking up the Privateer Press, Warmachine two player battle box. It’s got two small armies in it and I’m working on painting them up. It will take me a while because I’m an awfully slow painter! But the results are going to be awesome, I’m working on a Khador heavy warjack currently, it’s close to completion so I will post a pic in the next few days. I’ve been enjoying spending some time painting, I find it very relaxing and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and really get stuck into a project.

SO! What’s going on in derby you ask. LOTS! Seriously, I mean LOTS. Here are my weekends for the next 6 weeks.

Skate-a-thon fundraiser Launceston

National men’s team tryouts Sydney. TasMRD training Hobart

TasMRD vs Vanguard bout Melbourne

Christmas parade Launceston. DSDL family and friends derby day Westbury

Capital Collision double header final Hobart

CCR statewide derby day Hobart


So that’s from now until December 15th, the weekend after that is basically Christmas! Can’t wait for it all though! I’m super excited to see some friends in Sydney and get SMASHed around by them! They are a wicked league and it’s going to be a blast. Then the following weekend in Melb for our FIRST EVER BOUT! This is exciting stuff, there are 10 skaters and 2 benchies going, we are hiring a bus to take everyone and staying at the same hotel so it’s going to get rowdy. Looking forward to kicking some Vic butt! I’m most concerned about our 24 hour skate-a-thon! We are fundraising for our league and I’ve agreed to skate for 24 hours straight. A few short breaks here and there are all we are allowed. To add to this I have been tasked with some embarrassing activities to undertake during the night. All I’m going to say is that I will need to study up on a Beyonce video clip. I’m not sure how my feet are going to be at the end of it. We are collecting sponsors, so if you are interested in supporting our league, let me know and I can arrange a contribution from you.

I’d like to say how fantastic the Tasmanian roller derby community has been in supporting TasMRD, they are all getting on the bandwagon and sponsoring the skate-a-thon, we are also having T-shirts and singlets made up and a whole heap of people have pitched in and purchased one. Next year we are going to be looking at growing our league. Men’s derby is taking off, it is such a brilliant sport and we want to be involved. In fact the women really seem to like having us around, they would like to play us at both the DSDL family and friends day and the CCR state-wide derby day. We can’t wait to show them how far we have already come.

If you or anyone you know would like to get involved in roller derby, shoot me an email rtruscott@internode.on.net and I’ll shoot you some info.


Greese Monkey

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