Big stompy robot and blue flying cat, bat, horse… thing

So I promised some pics of the miniatures I’ve been working on… Well here they are!

Super happy with the way the Khador ‘jack turned out. I spent ages working on it, but love the red and yellow/green combo, snow ties it all together well. I had a disaster at the end, I was chopping down the pins in the feet to put it on the base and the leg shattered into about 4 pieces under the pressure of the clippers – was not a happy camper. Anyway, got him patched up and you wouldn’t know the difference.


Second is a mini I have been working on for about 2 months on and off. Was a lot of fun but a bit tedious at times with the wings. Love Malifaux models more than any other range, they have so much character and this one is no exception. I’m really pushing my comfort zones with color and I think the results are good.


Greese Monkey


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