TEDx Launceston

University of Tasmania, Inveresk, Friday 8th November.


Tasmania has held its very own TEDx event! TED stands for Technology Entertainment Design and is an organization devoted to spreading ideas. It’s a place for artists, scientists, designers, mathematicians, religious figures, refugees and anyone with an idea worth spreading. People come together from all over the world for TED events and share truly inspiring stories and thinking. I attended TEDx (x = independently organized TED event) at the University of Tasmania on Friday and was privileged to hear a range of speakers on diverse topics such as economics, education, media, sustainability and pop culture. Each speaker had a message and delivered their talks with inspiring presentation, my take home message was that of we are all responsible for our learning and development as human beings.

Derek Patton - child psychologist speaking at TEDx Launceston

Derek Patton – child psychologist speaking at TEDx Launceston

Stand out speakers for me were Dr Kerry Howells, Ben Lambert and Denis Giasli.

An academic and teach educator at the Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania, Dr Kerry Howells teaches teachers to teach and how to identify and engage their students. Howell has developed a philosophy on teaching that can be applied to our every day lives and by doing so would enhance our lifestyles. Her philosophy is that of gratitude, to be grateful for the opportunities we have in life is to truly embrace and make the most of them. Many students leave college and go into university pathways in what seems to them like a natural and expected extension of their college education. The reality is we are privileged to have higher learning opportunities available and accessible to us. By turning this attitude of rightfulness into gratefulness, one become more engaged int their learning experience and Dr Howell’s research has shown dramatic success patterns.

Growing up with Asperger’s Syndrome, childhood was not easy for Ben Lambert. Without an appropriate support network, Lambert found himself neglected and overlooked through the formative adolescent years. Finding it difficult to connect with his peers, Lambert discovered the transformative power of stories and art, he developed a passion for illustration and now in his twenties he is working with a group of like minded individuals to create a comic book tackling the issues growing up with Autism Spectrum Syndrome. The approach is to create a hero in which children can relate to growing up and the working title of the comic is “Aspire’. Along with this, the team is developing interactive media and a website.

Denis Giasli’s story is unique and inspiring. Growing up in the traditional ‘Australian Dream’, Giasli went through schooling and studied Building Construction at university. He quickly climbed the corporate ladder and by the age 25 was working at one of Australia’s leading project management firms. Something changed at this point in Giasli’s life, he was stressed and unfulfilled, his health deteriorated and he realized something needed to change. He quit his job, sold his house and moved to Tasmania. He studied horticulture and purchased a house and land in rural Tasmania. Giasli, now practices sustainable living, growing food for his family and being in touch with nature. His vision is world not dominated by the urban skyscrapers and concrete jungles, he fears the impact this is having on all our lives and places importance in the simple life as he calls it – spending time with family and enjoying a happy and non-stressful life.


TEDx events are a way to inspire creative thinking and positive change in our community. They bring a group of like minded individuals together to share, create and inspire. Hobart is set to hold it’s own event in March, 2014 and the quality of speakers is set to raise as the events grows in exposure. Check out the TED website for yourself!


Greese Monkey


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