Skaldi, Trollblood Champion

A friend requested I paint this mini to be a centrepiece in his Hordes army, I got absorbed with it it and decided it was worth taking some good pics before handing it over.

As with most Privateer Press minis I felt it was very busy and had too many details fighting for attention, in saying that some of the details were very nice and I really enjoyed painting them. I set out to try and lift the details that I thought should draw the eye and lessen some of the other details.


The oak beer barrel was great to paint, the subtlety of the wood grain was excellent and allowed me to really work on a gradual shade and highlight. My favorite part of the mini is the armor plating, I’ve discovered a color scheme I’d really like to use on a future project, the purple plate with gold gilding contrast well and looks regal. The face didn’t have a great deal of detail, but provided a nice smooth area to paint some in, I painted the definition in the teeth and created a glow on the end of the cigar.

Skaldi Details

I spent approximately 25 hours on this mini, so charging at a standard rate of $20 per hour my friend Jack owes be $500… Plus GST makes $550! JUST KIDDING 😀

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