Welcome to the Jungle

Well…. Here we are. Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

And we already have a bunch of stories to tell!

In the beginning we decided it would be a wise move to stay up the entire night before our 11am fight so that we would be more inclined to sleep on the thirteen hour flight. As a preface to this story I would let it be known that Luna Doom will sleep through just about anything where I am the princess that will feel a pea under a stack of mattresses. Needless to say we were quite tired by the time we sat down in our economy class seats (after walking past the vast rows of glorious first class Delta air beds) and looked behind us to see a couple who spoke loudly. With a new born. DOOOOOOOM! Anyway… The baby cried in our ears everytime I was closed to falling asleep but I managed to grab a couple hours in there. The flight was quite good though, the crew really look after the passengers, they fed us about 6 times, dutifully delivering their pre packaged goods. By the time we got through customs we were exhausted but determined to not take a nanna nap. We went out to look at an RV that we will hopefully be picking up in few days. To get there we got on a train, which turned out to be incorrect and we got kicked off! When we got back to the Downtown LA loft apartment we are staying in we passed out for over 12 hours.

Saturday morning we decided to hit Venice Beach and IT WAS AMAZING! I’ve watched Youtube documentaries about Venice Beach and the characters that are down there and we saw several of them! These same people head down to Venice every day to take part in the various activities. We did some cha cha cha with the old jam skate pros, visited the end of Route 66 on Santa Monica Pier, raced uncivilized inliners along the bike path, watched some young half naked males flexing and some old half naked males dancing to rock music, checked out an amazing skate park and caught a 60 minute ride home in an Uber taxi. To any of my city friends; if you haven’t heard of Uber, GET IT NOW! It is excellent, message me for a code for a free trip.


We even attended a yoga-rap-rave. Yes… A YOGA-RAP-RAVE! There was a DJ and a rapper on stage performing while two yoga instuctors led a couples yoga class. The people particpating were wearing fluoro and getting right into it.


The skating around there was great, we went along piers, through canals and drifted amongst the streets. The entire area is alive and thriving, there is activity around you everywhere you look, street performers, salesmen hawking wear, people buying medical 420 and others getting tattoos. You could spend days sitting there just watching everything going on.

We are finding our feet here pretty well, when we first arrived it was kind of overwhelming, it has been more difficult to communicate with people than we expected. The language may be the same, but some people do have trouble understanding our accents and we use words and phrases that they haven’t heard before. The two guys we are staying with have been excellent though, they’ve taken us a couple places and answered our tourist questions. We are definitely getting more confident and looking forward to picking up our RV and starting our great road trip.

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