Contact/About Me

My name is Reese Truscott, I am a television producer in Tasmania, Australia. My interests are photography, drawing, painting, advertising, pop-culture, roller derby, health and well-being.

My daily work involves writing, production and filming of television commercials, this ties closely to my hobbies and often the two meet. I undertake freelance commission work from time to time, covering events and documenting construction through photography, designing graphics and websites and producing corporate videos.

Some people know me by my derby name, Greese Monkey. I have been involved in derby for about three and a half years, I am the head referee at Devil State Derby League, founder of Tasmanian Men’s Roller Derby team the Bass Strait Brawlers and recently selected as an Australian representative on the men’s national team, The Wizards of Aus.

In May 2015 I will be traveling the United States, Canada and Mexico with my partner in a journey seeking wisdom and experience. Our travels will feature in the Monkey Blog.

Please feel free to drop me a line and introduce yourself if you are interested in hiring me for work or are a fellow derby enthusiast that would like to meet!

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